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Kitwan Leong


KITWAN Co. is a company dedicated to honoring artisans who may not consider themselves artists, but are truly great at their craft. Our origins began with my maternal grandmother Kitwan Leong, an icon of our company’s values on how love can be shown through artistry and craftsmanship. 

During a discussion with a friend, the topic of my grandmother came up and I realized in that moment that I didn’t even know her name. Part of me felt embarrassed and part of me felt inspired to learn more about her. My grandma was always a mystery growing up as she passed away before my mother was even married. All I knew about her was that she would tailor beautiful outfits for my mother when she was growing up. With much persistence, I finally convinced my extremely private mother to share some precious memories and stories. 

Kitwan, like many mothers in her time, would personally design and sew clothes for her own daughter. Whether it was repurposing old fashion or completely creating new style, each handmade piece was made with utmost care. My mother felt that Kitwan wasn’t always the most outwardly affectionate, but she felt loved with each piece of clothing that she wore.

I heard my grandmother’s story and realized how much of her was in me, all the things we had in common. In that very moment I shared with my mom, I felt we were no longer strangers but connected through similar passions.

We work with artisans around the world, many of whom are mothers. Kitwan is founded based on the hope of providing opportunities to honor those who are masters at their craft by paying fair prices so that they may thrive in their communities. Luxury quality handmade family heirlooms that are made to last and most importantly, filled with love.




We're so happy you can join us for the beginning of our journey. We have traveled around the world, and flown coast to coast to share our beautiful "slow fashions."

Our products are hand-made, small-batch, and luxury quality.
We hope our treasures begin their journey with you and become future heirlooms. 

KITWAN.Co is about collaborating with artisans, designers, and other makers in a primarily female industry. We hope to become a brand in which artisans, especially women we work with can thrive in their communities. Each piece takes time and care to complete.  With this in mind, Kitwan is the perfect symbol for our brand.